Bills Introduced in Past 7 Days

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February 15, 2021

  • SR514: Commending the Science Museum of Virginia.
  • SR513: Celebrating the life of Charles R. Hooff III.
  • SR512: Commending Featherstone Elementary School.
  • SR511: Commending Swans Creek Elementary School.
  • SR510: Commending Montclair Elementary School.
  • SR509: Commending Walt Whitman Middle School.
  • SR508: Celebrating the life of Edward Paul Crapol.
  • HR525: Commending Joshua Ryan Wells.
  • HR524: Commending the Radford High School boys' swim and dive team.
  • HR523: Commending the Radford High School golf team.
  • HR522: Commending the Radford High School girls' volleyball team.
  • HR521: Commending the Radford High School girls' cross country team.
  • HR520: Commending Thomas Grant, Jr.
  • HR519: Commending Buddy Rizer.
  • HR518: Commending John Sandy.
  • HR517: Celebrating the life of John Hayes, D.V.M.
  • HR516: Celebrating the life of Darlene Anderson Cain.
  • HR515: Celebrating the life of Adeline Mae Stathis Tetreault.

February 12, 2021

  • HR514: Celebrating the life of Gerald Albert Billingsley.

February 11, 2021

  • SR507: Commending Danny TK Avula, M.D.
  • HR513: Celebrating the lives of John William Forbes III, M.D. and Ann Holt Forbes.
  • HR512: Commending Shenandoah University.
  • HR511: Commending Valley Health.
  • HR510: Commending EnJewel.
  • SR506: Commending the Virginia State Police and the Virginia National Guard.
  • HB5002: Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity; Small Business Procurement Enhancement Program.
  • HB5001: Shipping and Logistics Headquarters Grant Program.

February 10, 2021

  • SR505: Commending Pamela Wooddy.
  • SR504: Celebrating the life of Peter Michael Dolan, Jr.
  • SR503: Celebrating the life of Franklin Delano Robertson.
  • SR502: Commending Danny TK Avula, M.D.
  • SR501: Senate; 2021 Special Session I operating resolution.
  • SJ5001: Commending the East Coast Surfing Championship.
  • HR509: Commending supermarket employees.
  • HR508: Commending Lieutenant Colonel Eric Patterson, ANG.
  • HR507: Commending the 1970 Chilhowie High School football team.
  • HR506: Commending Petra Barrientos.
  • HR505: Celebrating the life of Jack R. Flanary, Sr.
  • HR504: Celebrating the life of David Alan Fawbush.
  • HR503: Celebrating the life of Ella Jane Cantrell Mullins.
  • HR502: Celebrating the life of Donald L. Potter.
  • HR501: House of Delegates; salaries, session expense payments, and contingent and incidental expenses.
  • HJ5001: General Assembly; limiting legislation and establishing conduct of business for 2021 Sp. Session I.