Del. Lee Ware (R-Powhatan)

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65: Counties of Chesterfield (part), Fluvanna (part), Goochland (part), and Powhatan [map]
Took Office
January 1998
Next Election
November 2019
Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources, Labor and Commerce, Finance
Copatroning Habits
51% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 72% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 54% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
18.2% in 2020
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  • HB59: Health carriers; licensed athletic trainers.
  • HB1717: Income tax, state; deductions for single individuals and married persons.
  • HB1735: Alcoholic beverage control; privileges of farm winery licensees and limited brewery licensees.
  • HB1748: Actions against real estate appraisers or appraisal management companies; statute of limitations.
  • HB1767: Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Fund; Powhatan County.
  • HB2057: Electric utilities; triennial review.
  • HB2281: Virginia Clean Economy Act; non-bypassable charges, energy-intensive trade-exposed (EITE).
  • HB2287: Economic development authorities; size of board in Powhatan County.
  • HB2287: Economic development authorities; size of board in Powhatan County.
  • HB13: Condominium association funds; fiduciary management, permissible investments.
  • HB58: Health insurance; payment to out-of-network providers, emergency services.
  • HB59: Health carriers; licensed athletic trainers.
  • HB110: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; trading allowance reserve account, etc.
  • HB143: Unemployment compensation; leaving employment to follow military spouse.
  • HB167: Electric utilities; fuel cost recovery.
  • HB206: Electric utility regulation; retail customer choice.
  • HB969: Electric utility regulation; initial triennial review, requirements.
  • HB1672: Handheld personal communications device; use by the operator of a motor vehicle.
  • HB1673: Plastic bag tax; use of revenues.
  • HB1717: Income tax, state; deductions for single individuals and married persons.
  • HJ83: Constitutional officers, offices of; JLARC to study Compensation Board funding.
  • HR77: Commemorating the life and legacy of Oswald Spengler.
  • HR501: Commending Ruth Stokes Boatwright.
  • HB1650: Lottery; disclosure of identity of winners.
  • HB1682: Dental services; contracts between carriers and providers, PPO network arrangement, etc.
  • HB1683: Electric cooperatives; authorized to increase or decrease its rates without SCC approval, etc.
  • HB1714: Balance billing; emergency services.
  • HB1718: Electric utilities; fuel cost recovery.
  • HB1759: Insurance holding companies; supervision of internationally active insurance groups.
  • HB1801: Conditional rezoning proffers; extensive changes to zoning provisions.
  • HB1897: Equine activity liability; carriage rides.
  • HB1932: Mineral mining; increases permit fees.
  • HB2538: Health insurance; payment of out-of-network providers, patient access to elective services.
  • HB2676: Master Settlement and Non-Participating Manufacturer Adjustment Settlement Agreements; information.
  • HJ906: Celebrating the life of James H. Bowles, M.D.
  • HR211: Commemorating the life and legacy of Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn.
  • HB22: Water and sewer connections; mandatory in Powhatan County.
  • HB60: Goochland County; members to Board of Directors of Goochland County Economic Development Authority.
  • HB61: Battlefields; entry into an agreement to transfer certain easements.
  • HB154: Commonwealth's tax system; conformity with federal law, emergency.
  • HB162: Proceeds of a sale, a partition suit, or condemnation proceeding; persons under a disability, etc.
  • HB163: Conditional proffers; public facility capacity, previously approved residential developments.
  • HB335: Yorktown Victory Center; renamed the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown.
  • HB1353: Battlefield property; incorporation into national park, transfer of easement.
  • HB1395: Trooper Michael Walter Memorial Highway; designating as a portion of Route 13.
  • HB1453: Real estate appraisers; changes definition of 'evaluations.'
  • HJ14: Celebrating the life of James Alexander Ransone, Jr.
  • HJ139: Celebrating the life of Special Agent Michael T. Walter.
  • HJ168: Commending the Honorable Richard D. Brown.
  • HJ275: Commending Frances Carter Ragland.
  • HJ378: Commending the Colloquium on Violence and Religion.
  • HR27: Commending Robert Curtis Baltimore.
  • HR30: Commemorating the life and legacy of Russell Amos Kirk.
  • HR101: Commending the Powhatan Christmas Mother program.
  • HB352: Electric utilities; energy efficiency programs.
  • HB1408: Student vision screenings; requirements for certain students.
  • HB1415: Transient occupancy tax; Goochland, Powhatan, and Warren Counties authorized to impose.
  • HB1417: School buses; requirements of drivers approaching or immediately preceding a bus.
  • HB1422: Virginia Consumer Protection Act; prohibited practices, etc.
  • HB1432: Switchblade knife; exception to carry concealed.
  • HB1450: Health insurer/health maintenance organization; response to notice from pharmacy's intermediary.
  • HB1455: Real property tax; partial exemption for certain commercial and industrial structures.
  • HB1470: Land preservation tax credits; limitations.
  • HB1471: Reinsurance credits; SCC authorized to adopt certain regulations.
  • HB1509: Mineral mines reclamation; bonds and liens.
  • HB1521: Commonwealth's tax code; conformity with federal law; emergency.
  • HB1555: Agency directors; human resource training and agency succession planning.
  • HB1556: Real estate appraisers; exemptions from licensure.
  • HB1814: Worker retraining and telework expenses; extends sunset date for tax credits.
  • HB2414: Self-defense; limited immunity when reporting acts, penalties.
  • HJ869: Celebrating the life of Anthony Pearly Tucker, Jr.
  • HJ944: Commemorating the life and legacy of Desmond T. Doss.
  • HJ998: Commending David Wayne Holland.
  • HR266: Commending James Bowman.
  • HB12: Concealed handgun permits, out-of-state; photo identification.
  • HB13: Primaries; reimbursement of cost to localities by proper political party committee.
  • HB14: Columbia, Town of; repealing charter for town.
  • HB15: Personal property tax; classifications.
  • HB16: Health insurance; payment for services by dentists and oral surgeons.
  • HB17: Industrial waste and sewage sludge; disclosure of storage or land application on property.
  • HB27: Local fiscal impact bills; first-day introduction.
  • HB95: Income tax, corporate; addback for Captive REIT dividends.
  • HB352: Electric utilities; energy efficiency programs.
  • HB393: Insurance agencies; designated licensed producers.
  • HB402: Commonwealth's tax code; conformity with federal law, emergency.
  • HB447: Industrial wastes and biosolids; regulation of land application.
  • HB1224: Bank franchise tax; sets a cap of $18 million on total annual tax liability per taxpayer.
  • HJ10: Commending Midlothian Masonic Lodge No. 211.
  • HJ17: Commemorating the life and legacy of Earle Davis Gregory.
  • HJ44: Commending the Honorable John C. Watkins.
  • HJ56: Biosolids and industrial wastes; short-term and long-term effects, report.
  • HJ170: Celebrating the life of James E. Hargrave.
  • HJ179: Commending Joe Elton.
  • HJ227: Commending the Goochland High School girls' volleyball team.
  • HR3: Commemorating the life and legacy of Gilbert Keith Chesterton.
  • HR148: Commending Rebecca T. Dickson.
  • HR183: Commending the Honorable John C. Watkins.
  • HB1286: Income tax, state; refund payments.
  • HB1291: Real property tax; notice of assessments.
  • HB1300: Elections; costs of primaries; reimbursement to localities.
  • HB1301: Electoral board members and general registrars; compensation and expenses.
  • HB1329: Out-of-state concealed handgun permits; photo identification.
  • HB1339: Health benefit exchange; information on health benefit plans.
  • HB1386: Disaster relief; assistance by out-of-state businesses and employees.
  • HB1418: Criminal injuries compensation; confidentiality.
  • HB1444: Vision care plans; reimbursement for services.
  • HB1475: Natural gas utilities; recovery and deferral of system expansion infrastructure costs.
  • HB1511: Industrial waste and sewage sludge; disclosure of land.
  • HB1727: Commonwealth's tax code; conformity with federal law.
  • HB1828: Land preservation; tax credit.
  • HB2196: Virginia Energy Economic Development Advisory Board; Governor's Energy Fund; report.
  • HB2398: U.S. savings bonds; establishes a procedure for the escheat of unclaimed bonds.
  • HJ503: Commending Opera on the James.
  • HJ504: Teachers; Department of Education to study implementing program to track turnover.
  • HJ506: Long-term impact of biosolids and industrial waste; Va. Institute of Marine Science & DMME to study.
  • HR189: Commending H. V. Traywick, Jr.
  • HR190: Commending the Honorable Watkins Moorman Abbitt, Jr.
  • HB5: Electoral board members and general registrars; reimbursement to localities for cost of expenses.
  • HB6: Primary elections; cost and reimbursement to localities.
  • HB8: Concealed handgun permits; decreases local law-enforcement background investigation fee.
  • HB108: Health insurance; carrier contracts with pharmacy providers, definition of overpayment.
  • HB109: Insurance holding companies; revises requirements applicable to companies.
  • HB139: License plates, special; issuance for members and supporters of 4-H clubs.
  • HB765: Health care policy, group health benefit plan, and health plan; definitions.
  • HB1083: Workers' compensation; cost and payment for medical services, claims filed with Commission, etc.
  • HB1085: Income tax, state; earned income tax credit.
  • HB1176: Health insurance; notice of increase in premium or deductible.
  • HR1: Memorializing 'The Doomed Youth' of 1914.
  • HR6: Memorializing Simone Weil.
  • HR13: Celebrating the life of the Honorable William E. Maxey, Jr.
  • HR14: Commending Tina Bustos.
  • HR80: Commending The Major Charles A. Ransom American Legion Post.
  • HR110: Commending Little Zion Baptist Church.
  • HR119: Commemorating the life and legacy of Jacques de Molay.
  • HR120: Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the death of William Butler Yeats.
  • HR121: Memorializing Jack Schaefer.
  • HB456: Riparian forest tax credit; refund.
  • HB1135: Concealed handgun permit; removes certain requirements for out-of-state permits.
  • HB1318: Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Act; certain liquefied propane gas containers exempt from Act.
  • HB1339: Election districts & redistricting; locality permitted to exclude from census correctional facility.
  • HB1340: Electoral boards and general registrars; reimbursement of costs of compensation and expenses.
  • HB1341: Presidential primaries; localities shall be reimbursed by State for all costs incurred.
  • HB1342: Elections; costs of primaries.
  • HB1343: Service district boundaries; allows localities to amend after notice and public hearing.
  • HB1359: Consumer finance companies; rate of interest.
  • HB1398: Land preservation tax credits; Budget Bill to include an appropriation for land preservation, etc.
  • HB1399: RS&UT; deletes portion of tax exemption for pollution control equipment and facilities.
  • HB1840: Menhaden fish; total allowable catch for those landed in State.
  • HB2195: Insurance holding companies; applicability to certain plans.
  • HB2206: Workers' compensation insurance; payments to providers of health care services.
  • HB2247: Assault and battery; changes conditions for applying aggravated penalty.
  • HJ719: Celebrating the life of Roscoe Lee Timberlake.
  • HR121: Memorializing James Ewell Brown Stuart.
  • HR124: Commending Dr. Margaret S. Meara.
  • HR214: Commending Manuel Rios and the Midlothian Middle School
  • HB153: Workers' compensation; exclusion of certain employees.
  • HB154: Income tax, corporate; requires retail companies to use single-sales factor apportionment formula.
  • HB155: Revenue sharing funds for highways; funds provided to localities are a grant, etc.
  • HB312: Electric and natural gas utilities; energy efficiency programs.
  • HB313: State Corporation Commission; required to review pass rate of licensing examination.
  • HB314: Roll-your-own cigarette machines; person who operates at a retail establishment is a manufacturer.
  • HB452: Virginia Employment Commission; transcripts.
  • HB453: Workers' compensation; penalty for State's failure to pay.
  • HB454: Workers' compensation; penalty for State's failure to pay.
  • HB455: Wireless E-911 Fund; distribution of funds on monthly basis to public safety answering point.
  • HB456: Riparian forest tax credit; refund.
  • HB894: Electric and natural gas utilities; energy efficiency programs.
  • HB1135: Concealed handgun permit; removes certain requirements for out-of-state permits.
  • HB1136: Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Act; exemptions for certain liquefied propane gas containers.
  • HB1139: Reinsurance credits; conforms State's law to Credit for Reinsurance Model Law of NAIC.
  • HB1261: Landlord and tenant laws; energy submetering.
  • HJ24: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Leslie Longstreet Mason, Jr.
  • HJ176: Commending Robert R. Cosby.
  • HJ236: Commending Virginia school boards that employ Mathematics Specialists.
  • HR6: Commending the Future Farmers of America of Powhatan Junior High School.
  • HR7: Commending Big Brothers Big Sisters Virginia Alliance.
  • HR19: Commending the legacy of John Randolph of Roanoke.
  • HR26: Commemorating the life of Charles Dickens.
  • HR30: Commending Heinrich A. Gideons.
  • HR31: Commending Tony Hackenberg.
  • HB1504: Insurance companies; investments in derivative transactions, etc.
  • HB1819: Professional and Occupational Regulation, Department of; registration of athlete agents, penalty.
  • HB1820: Land preservation tax credit; limits maximum amount that any taxpayer may receive.
  • HB1821: License plates, special; issuance to veterans who are members of American Legion.
  • HB2230: Aircraft based in this Commonwealth; definition.
  • HB2368: Supplemental environmental projects; Department of Conservation and Recreation to establish.
  • HB2408: State agencies; requires notice to localities of certain state projects.
  • HB2463: Fertilizer and deicing agents; regulation of application, report.
  • HB2482: Animal care; enforcement procedures and standards related to animal cruelty.
  • HJ544: Celebrating the life of Elwood Floyd Yates.
  • HJ545: Commending Hugh Dwyer Keogh.
  • HR44: Commending E.D. Hirsch.
  • HR47: Scott, William Campbell; in remembrance of his services to Virginia.
  • HR48: Cox, James Henry; in remembrance of his service to Virginia.
  • HR75: Commending Manual Rios and the Midlothian Middle School 'We the People' Team.
  • HB77: Credit life insurance; disclosure requirement.
  • HB78: Political candidates; removes exception by which an incumbent may determine method of nomination.
  • HB79: Concealed handgun permit; prohibits clerk of court from providing public access to applications.
  • HB196: Graduation requirements; delayed implementation.
  • HB197: Secondary highway system; requirements for taking new streets into system.
  • HB198: Pharmacy contracts; establishes requirements for audit procedures.
  • HB445: DMV eye exams; allows greater flexibility assessing applicants' and licensees' horizontal vision.
  • HB446: Workers' compensation; exclusion of certain employees.
  • HB447: Income tax, state; remainder of revenues transferred to Land Conservation Fund for distribution.
  • HB448: Virginia Life, Accident & Sickness Insurance Guaranty Association; coverage for polices & contracts.
  • HB449: Freedom of Information Act; injunctive relief for public bodies under certain circumstances.
  • HB450: Elections; person appointed to fill a vacancy shall exercise all powers of elected office.
  • HB1230: Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act; sewer laterals.
  • HB1263: Dentists and oral surgeons; reimbursement for certain services.
  • HJ296: Commending the Blessed Sacrament Huguenot Catholic School football team.
  • HJ344: Celebrating the life Robert David Smith, Sr.
  • HJ352: Commending the Honorable Thomas V. Warren.
  • HR17: Celebrating the life and letters of William Hoffman.
  • HR18: Quentin Compson; memorializing centenary of his death & expressing appreciation of William Faulkner.
  • HR20: Commending Anne Larrick and her Powhatan High School students.
  • HR26: Celebrating the life of Myrna Miller Wellons.
  • HB848: Development rights program; Board of Farmland Preservation to create lease.
  • HB1648: Virginia byways; requires every agency, etc. to consider impact of its' plans on roads designated.
  • HB1649: Telegraph or telephone companies; not required to accept franchise, etc., that restricts services.
  • HB1650: Pharmacy contracts; establishes requirements for audit procedures and claims review process.
  • HB1970: Underground distribution system; delivery of propane service.
  • HB1971: Credit life insurance; reserve standards.
  • HB1972: Credit insurance; require that debtors be provided with notice disclosing right to refund premium.
  • HB1973: Litter Control and Recycling Fund; limits awarding of grants to localities.
  • HB1974: Crash prevention courses; reduction in rates for certain persons attending.
  • HB1975: Green roofs; authorizes counties, cities, and towns, by ordinance, to grant incentives, etc.
  • HB1976: Income tax, state; school supply expense tax credit for public, private, or home schooled students.
  • HB1977: Health insurance; mandated coverage for prosthetic devices and components.
  • HB2516: Crash prevention courses; to be delivered via Internet or other electronic means if approved by DMV.
  • HJ805: Commending the literary legacy of Edgar Allan Poe.
  • HJ811: Commending Laura Marshall.
  • HJ822: Commending Lee Congdon.
  • HJ872: Commemorating the tercentenary of the birth of Samuel Johnson.
  • HJ873: Commending Rick Cole.
  • HJ922: Commending Kathy Budner.
  • HJ1001: Commending the James River Advisory Council.
  • HB15: Vehicle warning lights; allows forensic crash reconstructionists to equip their vehicles therewith.
  • HB16: Credit reports; authorizes an individual to freeze access thereto.
  • HB17: Disabled veteran; definition thereof.
  • HB113: Disregarding signal to stop; endangerment of operation of law-enforcement officer, penalty.
  • HB114: Trap identification; permits hunters to attach an identification number to traps.
  • HB115: Submerged traps; Board may adopt regulations for trappers to visit less under specified conditions.
  • HB116: Foreign title insurance companies; unearned premium reserves.
  • HB384: Computer trespass; alters elements of crime.
  • HB385: Computer invasion of privacy; personal information.
  • HB386: Computer crimes; exclusion of evidence.
  • HB848: Development rights program; Board of Farmland Preservation to create lease.
  • HB849: Land preservation tax credit; taxpayer to give consent when tax credit, etc. has been transferred.
  • HB1351: Payday Loan Act; requires SCC to contract with one or more parties to develop, etc. database.
  • HB1352: Game and Inland Fisheries, Board of; membership.
  • HB1428: Real estate tax; Powhatan County may use higher income limits for exemptions for elderly, etc.
  • HB1462: Motor vehicle insurance; provide reductions to certain persons who complete DMV approved course.
  • HJ30: Commending the 82nd Airborne Division on the occasion of its 90th anniversary.
  • HJ6027: Commending the Powhatan High School baseball team.
  • HR16: Commending Roger Scruton.
  • HB2103: Professional corporations & limited liability companies; authorizes board of directors to delegate.
  • HB2104: Standards of Quality; requires identification of gifted education programs.
  • HB2562: Health insurance claims; joint payment thereof.
  • HB2563: Payday Loan Act; SCC to contract with third party to develop Internet accessible database.
  • HB2564: Standards of Quality; local school boards to enroll students in gifted education programs.
  • HB2825: Land Conservation Fund; disbursement of moneys.
  • HB3063: Judges; increases number in general district court.
  • HB3073: Off-road motorcycle, etc.; operators of certain vehicles within 500 feet of dwelling prohibited.
  • HB3194: Civil immunity; persons speaking at certain public hearings.
  • HJ626: Constitutional amendment limit on growth in state general fund appropriations (first reference).
  • HJ934: Celebrating the life of Samuel Haus Watson.
  • HR71: Commending Prevent Blindness Virginia on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HB447: Mercury switches in motor vehicles; requires removal prior to their demolition.
  • HB448: Litter control and recycling; increase percentage of grants awarded to localities.
  • HB449: Income tax, state; land preservation tax credit.
  • HB450: Income tax, state; land preservation tax credit.
  • HB477: Driver's license applications & registration cards; voluntary contribution for Prevent Blindness Va.
  • HB1276: Tobacco laws; special agents of ABC Board with Office of Attorney General authorized to enforce.
  • HB1277: Tobacco products manufacturers; requires certain sales reports to be filed directly with Atty Gen.
  • HB1457: Impaired waters; Water Control Board to evaluate attainability of meeting water quality standards.
  • HB1522: Subdivision ordinances; payment of pro rata share.
  • HB1606: Subdivision ordinances; payment of pro rata share includes roads.
  • HJ318: Commending Richard Harrison Kemper, Jr.
  • HJ5160: Celebrating the life of Deputy Sheriff Robert Earl Green.